The pool is closed for the season.

2019 Lifeguard applications are available.

Site access is now easier!

There is no longer a need to type in Instead, try, which takes you to the same place.

2019 Pool Memberships for sale or rent

Members may create and manage their own listings after logging into the site. See the tutorial for details. Members with shares that are not yet sold or rented, please update your listings for the 2019 season.

DOs and DON'Ts please

  • Don't play with the ropes or the rope buoys. They are not toys, and cost over half an O&M to replace when broken. Moving the buoys and hanging or standing on the ropes frays the ropes and causes them to break (one just did).
  • Don't  wear hairpins into the pool. They rust rapidly and stain the pool bottom. No one wants to step on a rusty piece of wire while in the pool.
  • Do clean up your messes. Remove items you put into the pool. Clean up your table and seating area,
  • Don't smoke in the pool area or the pavilion.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Check your junk mail folder, please

If you send a support request to and you do not receive a reply within a week, please check your junk mail folder.  Some members have reported that responses from the ticket system are being filtered into their junk or spam folders by their email client.  If this happens to you, you might want to look into whitelisting the support email address in your client to prevent the filtering in the future.  The procedure to do so varies for different email clients.  In some clients, simply creating a contact with the support email address will be sufficient.  In others, you might need to explicitly add the support email address to a list.  A quick Google search for the term 'whitelist' and the name of your email client should get you pointed in the right direction.  

Membership Chairman Position Has Changed!
New Contact Info Below for Rentals and Sales!

Want to rent a pool share for the summer? Want to buy a share (Briarcliff Residents)? Want to rent out your pool share swim privileges for the summer?  Questions about membership, summer rentals and share business are now handled by Board member Glenn Brook.  Please contact Glenn at or leave a message at (865) 272-6174.

Remember, current share owners can rent to Briarcliff Neighborhood Residents only!
Non-residents will rent a Club-owned share.

Need Your Gate Code Number?

Log in with your user ID and password on this site, and you'll find it in your profile record. Questions? Contact Glenn Brook at

Pool Hours This Season

Here are the hours for the year:

August 13–pool close:

M, TU, TH, F: 4–8 pm
W: 3–8 pm
Sa–Su: 11 am–8 pm

Unguarded swim: (Starts May 26)

7 am–9 pm
As a reminder you will need your code to access the pool.  If you do not remember your code, you will need to log into the website to retrieve it.  Look for it now!  Don't wait till the last minute and risk being denied access to the pool.  Questions about your code? Contact Glenn Brook at
You will need a waiver on file to swim during unguarded swim hours.  If you didn't fill one out last year you will need to fill one out, they are available on the website.  

Be sure that the gate is fully latched when you leave the pool! Please push it shut as you leave, and pull it shut when you enter. You will hear a "click" when the lock engages.

New Gate Lock and Security Cameras Installed and New Pool Entry Process

In order to make our pool safer and to monitor what happens 24/7, a new lock and video cameras have been installed at the pool. Our new coded gate lock will soon be used by all pool members for entry, and will be used for non-guarded swim hours for adults only (start date tbd). Each member (share owner or renter) family has been assigned a unique 5-digit code they will use to unlock the gate and enter the pool. You must enter a # sign after entering your number. You can log into this site with your user name and password, view "My Account" (in the left-hand menu), and record your unique number. Keep it in your cell phone or better yet, memorize it. Instructions for use are forthcoming.  Anyone caught sharing their entry code number with non-members may have their pool privileges suspended.

It is important that you check that your number works so you do not get locked out. The gate will click if your passcode worked. You also need to press the button (it is inside a circular protective ring) on the vertical brick wall to exit the pool. We have battery backup if the power fails.

If you have any problems, contact Jim Rome and include your names (especially if you have more than one) and tell me what happened.

YOU are responsible for any mishaps if you use the pool when it is unguarded!

Want to Have Your Own Party at the Pool? Check the Rules First!

Only 10 Nonmember Guests allowed during regular pool hours!
More than 10? Have a Private Party at the pool 9 PM - 11 PM


As a member, you can reserve the Pavilion for a party. It's a great way to have a get-together without messing up your house this summer!

          If your group wants to swim, swim parties during regular pool hours are limited
                                 to 10 non-members swimmers/guests!

If you want to have a larger swim party with more than 10 non-member swimmers/guests, you must have a Private Party from 9 PM - 11 PM.  A private party reservation closes the pool to regular BCC members for the duration of your party time. The fee for a private party is $100, including guards.  Two lifeguards are required for ALL swim parties.  Private parties are limited to a group of 50 people.

Non-swimming parties at the pavilion during regular pool hours are limited to a group of 50 people.

The BCC shareowner named on the share certificate MUST be present as host for any party they request.

Check the calendar below for available dates, and to arrange a time, please contact Glenn Brook at Fill out the Party Application form.

FREE WIFI Now Available at the Briarcliff Pool!

As an additional member benefit, you can now check your email, stream your music, and post a BCC selfie to your Facebook account -- all with the Briarcliff Community Club's new WIFI network!  You'll find our network name and password posted on the sign on the pool bulletin board.

Seasonal Calendar Posted Below

You can now see our BCC events calendar on our home page, below. If you're thinking of planning a pavilion party or want to check if the pool is having late night swim one weekend, please check the calendar.

NOTE: To get the Google Calendar to appear in your browser, you will have to enable third party cookies in your browser settings! For example, In Google Chrome Settings, click on Show Advanced Settings (at the bottom), and under Privacy/Content Settings, you can uncheck Block Third Party Cookies and Site Data. In Firefox, under Settings/Privacy, you can either accept all Third Party Cookies, or just click the Add Exception button and add "" to the list.If these instructions do not work, you can use this link to see the calendar in another screen.

Keep your contact information up-to-date

If your contact information has changed, please log into this site and edit it. Click My Account in the left-hand pane, and then the Edit tab on the top of the displayed information. Update your information and hit the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Please keep our newly-lined pool clean and neat

Algae. Algae in the pool is unsightly, and expensive and difficult to remove. It comes from bathing suits that have been used in the lakes and rivers, and then used in our pool. Please wash your bathing suits in the washing machine before using them in the pool. Tell your guests in advance to do the same.
Bobby pins. Girls and ladies, please do not wear bobby pins to the pool. They rust quickly under water and stain the bottom of the pool. Getting cut by stepping on a rusty piece of metal is bad.
Toys. If you put a toy into the pool, please remove it when you are done playing with it. They get in the way of lap swimmers.
Clean up your mess. If you make any trash while at the pool, dispose of it. Remember: no glass containers in the pool area.

How does an extra $100 sound to you?

Refer a friend who buys a club-owned share and we'll give you $100!!!

How do you like our web site?

Once you log in, please use the chat to contact Jim Rome (admin) about your experiences with the site, or to ask questions.


Lola Neisius President
Susan Wood


Glenn Brook

Party coordinator
Susan Gann Treasurer
Frank Moore Maintenance
Ann Martin Secretary
James Rome Web Master