Social Membership: The Briarcliff Community Club (BCC) consists of social members. Those social members become either Shareowners or Seasonal Renters. All social members pay an annual social membership fee. To become a social member Shareowner, you must be a residential property owner or lessee of a residential property in the Briarcliff Neighborhood, be the immediate family member of a current Shareowner, or have rented a membership as a non-resident for the two immediately prior years to the share purchase. To become a social member Seasonal Renter, you may live inside or outside the Briarcliff Neighborhood. Prospective social member Shareowners and Renters should complete the Share Purchase/Ownership Transfer Application form or the Seasonal Renter Application form and return it to the BCC Membership Chairman. Social membership privileges include attendance at all BCC-sponsored parties and other social activities that may be offered. Use of the BCC Pool facilities is given to Shareowners and Renters who have paid their annual Operations and Maintenance or Annual Rental fee.

BCC Shareowners: The BCC facilities are co-owned by Shareowners. As defined in the Bylaws, Shareowners must be residents of the Briarcliff Neighborhood or immediate family members of social members who own a pool share. Non-residents may rent a Club-Owned pool share for the season. There are 140 shares currently authorized (some are held by BCC). BCC Shareowners have all the privileges of social members plus they can use the BCC Pool facilities unless they rent out their pool privileges to another social member in the Briarcliff Neighborhood. All Shareowners are assessed an annual fee to pay for the operation and maintenance of the BCC facilities.

Becoming a BCC Shareowner: Residents of the Briarcliff Neighborhood may purchase a BCC share being sold by a current BCC Shareowner or may purchase a Club-owned Share. Non-residents who qualify to purchase a BCC share must do so directly from BCC, rather than from another Shareowner. Current Shareowners may also sell or gift their share directly to an immediate family member who lives outside of the Briarcliff Neighborhood. Current Shareowners selling their share negotiate the sale price directly with the potential buyer. BCC sets the price of the BCC-owned shares. A listing of shares for sale is available from the link atop the Home page.

Renting Pool Privileges: Residents of the Briarcliff Neighborhood may rent seasonal pool privileges from existing BCC Shareowners or directly from BCC if BCC-owned shares are available. Non-residents may rent directly from the BCC's Club-Owned Shares. Current Shareowners wanting to rent out their pool privileges are shown in a link on the Home page and those Shareowners negotiate the rental price directly with the potential renter.  BCC sets the pool privilege rental price of the BCC-owned shares.  If you would like to rent seasonal swim privileges, please complete the Seasonal Renter Application Form and return it to BCC Membership Chair Glenn Brook, 241 Briarcliff Ave, Oak Ridge, TN 37830, or

Obtaining Forms and Further Information: Anyone interested in buying, selling, or renting a BCC share should contact the BCC Membership Chair at for forms and further information.