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  • BCC Pool Will Switch to UNGUARDED SWIM Beginning Today, (Monday, August 14)

    Beginning today (Monday, August 14), the BCC pool will only be available for UNGUARDED Swim for the remainder of the season.  We will announce the pool closing date when it has been decided. Thanks

  • Unguarded Swim Today Beginning at 5pm

    The pool will be unguarded today (august 5) beginning at 5pm

  • Unguarded Friday July 21st

    Due to an unexpected Lifeguard staffing situation the pool will be unguarded today.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. 

  • Pool unguarded schedule today afternoon

    Due to the unexpected lifeguards staffing situation, the BCC pool will follow unguarded rules for the rest of today, Monday July 17 only. We expect the schedule to resume back to normal tomorrow.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • Briarcliff Pool Roof Repairs

    In the following days, the roof on both the pavilion and the guard house will be replaced. Please be careful when you see any workers at the site or on the roof. The workers will try to minimize the impact to the pool activities as much as possible, but there might be times when they will request some clearance around the work area. Please avoid the work area, especially if the workers or BCC lifeguards/staff ask you to keep the distance.

    Thank you for your patience.